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Travelling safely
Entry to South Tyrol

Your vacation with us in Olang is safe and possible without regulations.


We look forward to welcoming you ❤️

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Modern hotel room, bed | © Zimmeransicht Hotel Excelsior
Modern hotel room, bed | © Zimmeransicht Hotel Excelsior
Sicurezza nelle strutture ricettive
Feel comfortable ... Relax ...

We will gladly help you to find the right accommodation. Our accommodation companies have already taken all the necessary security measures and are always trying to offer you a unique and carefree holiday in a wonderful ambience.

Everything is different, but we are still the same. Your satisfaction and a high level of quality is still our main priority.

You can look forward to this. Because we are looking forward to you. 


The paradise for your safe holiday

In the last few months, our lives have changed a lot. Our everyday life has been turned upside down, but the longing for travel and time out is still present.

In our spacious village, which is subdivided into four parts, you will find space to take a deep breath and enjoy the newly gained freedom. In the midst of lonely forest trails and little used paths, you can use the wonderful silence of our generous nature to recharge your batteries.

Olang / Valdaora is the perfect starting point for a safe and unique holiday - especially because some things will be different from how they were, and we have great new ideas that we put into practice with love and passion.

Stay mobile

Car-free holidays thanks to a city bus that runs every 20 minutes and is regularly disinfected.

Public transport such as busses and trains also run on schedule without restrictions and take you to the most fascinating places in our surroundings. 

In this way you will reach your destination without any trouble.