To the Pragser Tal Valley and Three Peaks

in an eco-friendly way


in an eco-friendly way

How to reach Pragser Wildsee lake

From 10.07. – 10.09.2022 between 09:30 AM – 4:00 PM the Pragser Tal Valley can only be reached by public transportation, on foot, by bicycle or on presentation of a parking reservation or a valid transit permit.


  • By bus: The shuttle services to the Pragser Wildsee lake (routes 439 and 442) require advance booking and payment online.
  • By car: Car parks at the Pragser Wildsee lake can be booked and paid online in advance. (
  • Transit permits for customers of shops, restaurants and other service providers in the Pragser Tal valley are issued online. 
  • On foot or by bicycle: There are no restrictions to visiting the Pragser Wildsee lake on foot or by bicycle.
How to reach Plätzwiese High Plateau
  • By bus: The public bus route 443 takes visitors directly from Welsberg/Monguelfo and Toblach/Dobbiaco, Niederdorf/Villabassa to the parking area "Brückele" (6km from Plätzwiese) to the Plätzwiese High plateau. (timetables:
  • By car: From June 1st - June 6th the Plätzwiese High Plateau can be reached by car the whole day (charges apply).

    From June 7th - June 10th the street to the Plätzwiese High Plateau is closed.

    From June 11th the Plätzwiese High Plateau can be reached by car before 10:00 AM and after 15:00 PM (charges apply).

  • On foot or by bicycle: From the praking area Brückele/Ponticello you can reach the Plätzwiese High Plateau on foot.
How to reach the Three Peaks
  • By shuttle: To preserve the sensitive eco system of the Three Peaks and their surrounding area, a shuttle bus service will run from Toblach/Dobbiaco from 04.06. to 09.10.2022. (timetables:
  • Note: uring the whole period the shuttle bus must be booked and paid online in advance. Unsold tickets can be purchased at the Toblach/Dobbiaco bus and train station.
  • On foot or by bicycle: There are no restrictions to visit the Three Peaks/Auronzohütte mountain hut.