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Climbing in Olang | Valdaora

It will come as no surprise that Olang makes a perfect base for climbers. The village at the foot of the Kronplatz is, after all, surrounded by proud mountain giants with illustrious names such as Hochalpenkopf and Dreischusterspitze. Rugged Dolomite crags and striking summits create a climbing terrain that inspires and excites lovers of vertical challenges in equal measure. Provided you are equipped with the right climbing gear, the well-marked and secure crags can be conquered by hand and foot. Anyone who isn’t quite ready to take on the outdoor rock faces can practise first on the 100 m2 climbing wall in the Boulder Hall in Olang. Or you could always hire an experienced mountain guide to accompany you before setting out with the right tips and tricks in your backpack to conquer the Olang via ferrata, which offers beauty and challenges aplenty as you make your way to the summit of the Hochalpenkopf. 


Incidentally: once a week, Olang Tourist Information Association welcomes visitors to come along on a guided via ferrata tour in the Prags Dolomites or the Piz da Peres. 

rope routes
CT San Vigilio | © CT San Vigilio, St. Vigil in Enneberg
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Via ferrata tour PIZ DA PERES
Distance 0,4 km
Duration 1 h 31 min
Height difference 162 m
Fixed rope route on the Hochalpenkopf
Distance 12,3 km
Duration 5 h 43 min
Height difference 1.390 m
Fixed rope route | © TV Olang, Olang
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Fixed rope route Hochalpenkopf
Distance 2,6 km
Duration 1 h 14 min
Height difference 353 m
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Sport Sagmeister
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boulder hall
in Olang
Boulder Hall Valdaora/Olang
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