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A paradise for young and old
Overview Kids World

Kids World


There’s nothing we like better! The word “playground” barely does justice to what has been created for families with kids on the edge of the forest in Olang. This unique playground and adventure area, where children have the freedom to let off steam, try things out, explore and discover nature, covers several hundred square metres. Climbing frames, a water world and various different themed play areas boast all of the variety that adventure-hungry kids don’t want to miss out on during their holidays. The undisputed highlight is the 56 m-long super slide - the longest in the whole of South Tyrol. And the parents? They can make the most of the unexpected break, top up on sunshine and enjoy the panoramic views. This is how relaxing a family holiday in Olang can be.

Incidentally: a visit to the Kids’ World is great for combining with a bike ride. This is because Olang Kids’ World is right next to the Pustertal Valley Cycle Trail



From mid May - mid October

- during this time the Kids World is kept clean and the toilets are open.

- access to the slides



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  • Overview Kids World
  • Playground
  • Forest playground
  • Water world
  • Super slide
  • Climbing world

Overview Kids World

  • Playground


For children from 1 - 4 years

A path suitable for strollers leads from the parking lots to the first station - the playground.

From there you can get to the other play stations, which are illustrated on the information board.

  • Forest playground

Forest playground

For children from 3 - 8 years

The tree house path awaits you between the forest playground and the water world.

The tree houses are connected by small climbing possibilities. At the end, a short slide takes you back to the safe ground.

  • Water world

Water world

For children from 4 - 10 years

The water world is a real highlight, especially for the little visitors.

There you can cool off in the water, dig and really have fun!

Super slide

For children from 14 years

Near the water world you can find the longest slide in South Tyrol, the super slide.

Fun and adventure await you on the 56 meter long slide.

Details super slide
  • Climbing world

Climbing world

For children from 8 - 14 years

At the end you'll get to the climbing world and the balance parcours, which contains different elements.

Can you complete the round without touching the ground?