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In Olang, hikers, climbers and nature lovers can enjoy the peace and beauty of a totally intact landscape. The location away from crowded paths is ideal for all who take pleasure in getting out and about far away from the hustle and bustle. Whereby “off the beaten track” is not the same  as “isolated” or “cut off”. On the contrary: a well-functioning public transport network, the cable car valley station in the village and a city bus ensure that hikers and day trippers are able to reach the departure points for a wide variety of destinations quickly and comfortably. Hiking in Olang is very varied. And it is entirely up to you whether you choose a leisurely family hike on the panoramic trail in the village, a guided mountain tour or perhaps a trip to Pragser Wildsee lake. No matter what, Olang has everything you could need for a perfect hiking holiday.

Direct access to hiking paradise
From Olang to the Kronplatz 

High above Olang, at 2,275 metres above sea level, the Kronplatz towers above a unique scenic plateau: unimpeded, your gaze wanders over the imposing Dolomites to the three thousand metre-plus summits of the Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park. A view that makes you want to go hiking. Which is good, since the extensive summit area of the Kronplatz offers countless opportunities to explore the splendid mountains to your heart’s content. From a leisurely family hike with a push chair or a three-hour circular trail to the demanding mountain tour, there is something to suit all preferences and levels of fitness. Along the way, alpine chalets, a peace bell and two museums are excellent, varied places to enjoy a stop-off. And best of all - the Kronplatz hikers’ paradise is only eleven minutes away from Olang. And the trip with the modern gondola lift Olang I and II, which runs from the district of Gassl directly up to the summit, takes the same amount of time.

Small steps
Family hikes in Olang

Hiking with children - to make sure that the experience is a relaxed one for all the family, the route must be easily doable and there should be a few surprises along the way. A mountain stream, a playground and a few delicious fruits of the forest on the edge of the path will all help to keep youngsters interested. The sunny landscape in and around Olang is absolutely ideal for hiking with the family. Wide paths in the valley bottom that are suitable for push chairs wind through meadows and forests, past babbling brooks and castles, and through villages that hold excitement around every corner. For those who want to aim high, the accessible Olang I and II gondola lifts are the perfect way to reach the airy heights. And waiting there to be marvelled at and conquered are colourful alpine pastures, clear mountain lakes and high summits. And if dumplings and Kaiserschmarren pancakes find their way to your table in a mountain chalet as part of your trip, the family mood will be better still!


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in Olang | Valdaora
Brunst hut | © Kottersteger, Olang
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Hiking Tour Valdaora/Olang
Distance 15,1 km
Duration 5 h 18 min
Ascent 1.207 m
Decent 1.213 m
Family hike Valdaora di Sopra – Monguelfo/Oberolang – Welsberg
Distance 7,7 km
Duration 2 h 54 min
Ascent 175 m
Decent 137 m
View | © Skirama, Bruneck Kronplatz Tourismus
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Plan de Corones > Malga Oberegger > Casola
Distance 7,0 km
Duration 2 h 50 min
Ascent 2 m
Decent 1.119 m
Hochalpensee | © Manuel Kottersteger, Olang
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Lake Colli Alti - mountain three fingers
Distance 11,2 km
Duration 4 h 14 min
Ascent 1.116 m
Decent 1.116 m
Family hike in the kids world
Distance 0,5 km
Duration 07 min
Ascent 33 m
Decent 12 m
Family hike Valdaora di Sotto – Valdaora di Mezzo/Niederolang – Mitterolang
Distance 2,2 km
Duration 1 h 33 min
Ascent 69 m
Decent 46 m
Walking to the "Alte Goste"
Distance 2,0 km
Duration 45 min
Ascent 81 m
Decent 6 m
Themed & didactic hiking path stone mile
Distance 0,8 km
Duration 12 min
Ascent 42 m
Decent 0 m
Family hike Valdaora di Sotto – Valdaora di Mezzo – Valdaora di Sopra/Niederolang – Mitterolang – Oberolang
Distance 4,4 km
Duration 1 h 06 min
Ascent 143 m
Decent 85 m
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