Ice Skating

in Olang | Valdaora

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Ice Skating in Olang | Valdaora

An ice surface is an ever-changing stage. Anyone who thinks only of pirouettes and hockey has to come to Olang-Valdaora.

At the Panorama skating rink between Valdaora di Mezzo-Mitterolang and Valdaora di Sopra-Oberolang, a good many people may ask if they have somehow ended up at a gathering of witches. But don’t worry, our witches do not show themselves during the day. Laughing children armed with brooms go hurtling after an illuminated ball. It is a variation on hockey which is known, logically enough, as broom hockey. At the skating rink in Valdaora di Mezzo, Grandma and Grandpa will have just as much fun as Mom and Dad with traditional curling or Lattlschießen [an Alpine variant with targets to hit for points]. Skates can of course be rented.

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