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Winter hiking in Olang | Valdaora

Sun, snow, endless expanses

These are the highlights of a winter holiday in the Pustertal/Val Pusteria Valley. Moments that make every step a lasting memory: breathing fresh mountain air, tramping at a leisurely pace through the snowy landscape, soaking up the peace and quiet and recharging your batteries. In Olang, at the foot of the Kronplatz, winter is pure and authentic and the opportunities for winter hikers are extremely inviting and varied. The one reason for this is the location. Olang lies at the heart of the Fanes-Sennes-Prags nature park. Right outside the door, clear paths lead through the snowy nature, sometimes flat, sometimes climbing gently, sometimes through trees, sometimes through meadows. The Rieserferner/Vedrette di Ries and Sexten/Sesto Dolomites are close enough to touch. Those who like even more isolation can tramp with snowshoes or mountaineering skis up to the pastures and summits, stop for a snack and a drink in cosy mountain chalets, and enjoy the expanses and views of the breathtaking Dolomites. A wonderful setting with endless amounts of space for wintry walks. Or simply far away from the stresses and strains of everyday life for days on end.  


Incidentally: in Olang, winter hikers can look forward to excellent conditions, since a high-performance quad bike with caterpillar tracks ensures that the paths are always cleared and superbly prepared during the coldest part of the year.



Below you can find our brochure "Winter Info" with all the winter hiking trails in Olang:


Winter Info
winter hiking trails
in Olang | Valdaora
Distance 1,7 km
Duration 28 min
Height difference 12 m
Loop Oberolang
Distance 2,3 km
Duration 50 min
Height difference 84 m
Oberolang - Welsberg
Distance 5,6 km
Duration 1 h 47 min
Height difference 30 m
Distance 3,8 km
Duration 1 h 33 min
Height difference 268 m
Mill path
Distance 1,1 km
Duration 17 min
Height difference 29 m
Distance 1,0 km
Duration 20 min
Height difference 37 m
Panorama path
Distance 2,7 km
Duration 53 min
Height difference 71 m
Stone trail
Distance 0,9 km
Duration 19 min
Height difference 38 m
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Hut path
Distance 3,0 km
Duration 1 h 20 min
Height difference 307 m
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