Olang goes green
Sustainability & environmental protection
Olang goes Green

South Tyrol's Active Family Village #1 has been taking a completely new, green approach for a year now. The focus is on a responsible approach to the environment and agricultural greenery. The goals of the committed environmental protection project: active awareness raising and attentiveness towards the unique natural treasures of the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites. Together with the neighbouring municipality of St. Vigil, several ambitious initiatives have already been launched under the name Olang goes Green. Further green projects will be launched and put into practice periodically. The clear goal of all efforts is mindful interaction in the mountains & in the valley - regardless of whether hikers, bikers or skiers.


💚 Mindfulness on the mountain

💚 Waste avoidance

💚 Economical use of drinking water

💚 Green events


Those who follow simple rules actively participate in environmental protection and ensure in no time at all that their ecological footprint in the unique natural landscape of the Dolomites is kept as small as possible. True to the motto: Increase your bikeprints, reduce your footprints.

CleanUp Days

For four days from September 19 to 22, the motto in Olang is: Go out together and collect trash at the CleanUP Days! The campaign is organized by the non-profit association Patron.

Registration and coordination of the routes will take place via the CleanUP Map (interactive map) at www.plasticfreepeaks.com. Here, participants can directly specify the date and route of their self-selected tour. The required CleanUP Kit for all those interested, consisting of a recyclable and reusable fabric bag and a pair of stainless steel pliers, can be picked up free of charge at the Tourist Office Olang before setting off.

Register here
Protecting the environment concerns us all
Do not run the motor unnecessarily

Help us to reduce the emission of exhaust gases to a minimum and refrain from turning on the engine when the windows are iced up before you leave. Better treat yourself to a coffee or use an ice scraper 😊

Did you already know? There is a very good ski bus service in Olang.


We remind you that the engine should be turned off at a stop (art. 157 of the Road Traffic Code).

Less is more
Waste Reduction

Our mountain scenery is a delicate ecosystem. It is extremely important not to leave any rubbish behind: the climate conditions at this altitude slow down decomposition processes. Some waste, such as plastic, does not degrade at all. It merely disintegrates into microplastics, which stays in the environment.

The best kind of waste is waste that is never produced in the first place.

Reusable instead of disposable
Drinking water refilling stations

In Olang you can confidently fill up your own bottle with the best tap water without having to buy a new bottle of water every time. All refilling stations with the label "Mindful on the mountain" are connected to the public drinking water network and are therefore regularly tested and certified.


How to reach the pass environmentally friendly and enjoyable?

Local Products

Local products are very popular, particularly since everyone knows how much value South Tyroleans-Südtiroler place on their living space within natureOrganically grown products are carefully processed and sold fresh from the farm.  Meat and dairy products come from animals that are raised with farming methods that are appropriate for the species and then processed into fine specialties using artisanal skill.  Trust is quickly built with local producers, and sometimes one farmer or butcher or another will even let visitors watch as products are prepared

E-bike & car charging stations

If you run out of battery on the road, it doesn't mean the end of your tour...

Here you can find a list of the e-bike & e-car charging stations in Olang:

Kronplatz Gipfel | © Skirama Kronplatz
Kronplatz Gipfel | © Skirama Kronplatz

Sustainability is becoming a major priority in our lives.

We, as the Kronplatz/Plan de Corones ski area, want to contribute to the protection of our environment. 

Sustainability | Kronplatz
The “value-bench”

The value-bench is a wood-bench, she is coloured and original, made from students, teachers, employees or inhabitants of a town. The benches were collocated on streets, which lead to schools, to work or in public zones. The value-benches invited people to stop, to contemplate or to initialise a dialogue between young and old. Thanks to the originality of the value-bench the identity is resulting and the invitation to the communication is be forced the communication in a place, to give a meaning sense.