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Humans need goals and challenges. That is in their nature. It is in the nature of the Homo MTB sapiens to wants to go higher and higher. It is not for nothing that the Alps in general, and the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site in particular, magically attract us. Because they offer us almost unlimited possibilities to expand and push our limits, to try out new things and to climb summits. So, set yourself new goals, dare new challenges! As the inspiring South Tyrolean alpinist Reinhold Messner said (who had a major influence on the region with his MMM Corones Museum at 2,275m on the Kronplatz):


"The mountains that need to be moved are within us."

With a little help from a friend

Uphill is the order of the day - we want to get up the mountains! Whether with muscle power, electric assistance, by shuttle or by cable car. Experience breathtaking panoramas, spectacular descents, flowing trails, lonely rest areas, hot photo spots, wonderful side valleys, untouched nature, Ladin traditions and South Tyrolean specialities. And since the MTB motto in Olang is "Trail instead of downhill - enjoyment instead of adrenaline", you can have fun, enjoy life, laugh and enjoy yourself without exhausting yourself completely.

Tackle crisp steep climbs a little easier and let your e-companion push you through the bends. If you think that E-MTBs are only for no-sports-people, you're sorely mistaken: With the assisted mountain bike, uphill flow becomes more intensive. And you can devote yourself to the Dolomite panorama or your bike buddy on easy mountain passages.

In the dolomites region of Olang you will find the perfect conditions thanks to a dense network of charging stations. Recharge the batteries of your bike - and your own - during a delicious snack break on the alpine pasture or during your day tour through the national parks and side valleys. So that you don't end up with flat batteries - and exhausted muscles - before the last steep climb…

In Olang you can confidently increase your MTB radius and push it to the limit. Here you will never run out of juice.

Practice makes perfect

However, beginners - and even experienced riders - should not underestimate the automatic drive. Before plunging headlong into a mountain adventure, you need to know about the most important do's & don'ts: Basic riding technique training and intensive crash courses are fun and provide the necessary safety. A know-how update on the basics, such as shifting, steering, pedalling and braking certainly can't hurt! Just get your information about courses and bike guiding offers at the local bike shops & rentals, in your bike hotel or your accommodation.

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Get to know nature, tradition and culinary delights up close. Discover the Puster Valley, the Prags Valley and the Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park in the Antholz Valley on a guided e-bike tour.

Book a private, local guide for a day (or just a few adventurous hours), who will show you the most beautiful routes, trails with the best views and insider tips and tell you valuable mountain bike hacks.