in an eco-friendly way

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To the Pragser Tal Valley and Three Peaks

in an eco-friendly way

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How do I reach the pass?

Environmentally friendly and enjoyable to the melting pot of two cultures and language groups

We invite visitors to leave their own cars behind and reach the Furkelpass, also called Furkelsattel, in an environmentally friendly and enjoyable way on foot, by bike, the lifts or in a combination of public transport, as well as a subsequent hike or bike ride.

On foot
Hike Bad Bergfall - Furkelpass/Passo Furcia
Distance 4,0 km
Duration 1 h 38 min
Ascent 455 m
Decent 18 m
Furkelpass | © TV Olang, Olang
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Hike Bad Bergfall - Marchner - Furkelpass/Passo Furcia
Distance 4,9 km
Duration 2 h 03 min
Ascent 582 m
Decent 171 m
Furkelpass | © TV Olang, Olang
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Hike Bad Bergfall - Schüssels - Furkelpass/Passo Furcia
Distance 5,3 km
Duration 2 h 15 min
Ascent 643 m
Decent 205 m
By bike
  1. The Bike & Culinary Tour "Bad Bergfall Bogen" leads from Olang via Bad Bergfall to the Furkel street. After 6 km and just under 400 meters in altitude, the tour joins the Furkel street at 1,535 m. The tour "Variante Passhöhe" follows the Furkel street for another 2.7 km in the direction of the Furkelpass and reaches the Furkelpass after another 255 meters in altitude.
  2. The easy road bike / e-bike route "Kronplatz Runde" leads from Olang following the Furkel street to the Furkelpass (and from there further down the valley via St. Vigil and Bruneck back to Olang).
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Bad Bergfall Tour
Distance 11,9 km
Duration 1 h 14 min
Ascent 428 m
Decent 428 m
Kronplatz Tour
Distance 42,9 km
Duration 2 h 52 min
Ascent 1.173 m
Decent 1.175 m
With the lifts

The ride with the innovative 10-person gondola lift Olang 1+2, which leads from the village of Gassl directly up to the Kronplatz, takes just eleven minutes. Once at the summit, you can take the Ruis cable car down the valley to the Furkelpass.

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By public transport

With the trekking bus 435.2 you can get from Olang to Geiselsberg or Bad Bergfall. From here several hiking trails lead to the Furkelpass.

By private vehicle

The Furkel street leads from Olang via the village Gassl and the fraction Geiselsberg on a distance of 10 km to the Furkelpass.


Here you can find the route: