Responsible biking
The mountains are for all of us!

The mountains are there for everyone - regardless of whether you want to climb the peaks on a bike, an eBike or in hiking boots. In order for everyone to feel safe and comfortable, it is important to treat nature and people with respect - responsible biking is the magic word!

Responsible biking @Olang is quite simple:

10 MTB rules of conduct - for a good cooperation on the mountain & in the forest


  • Only ride on marked, permitted paths and forest roads. Respect barriers!
  • Ride in a controlled manner and not beyond your means.
  • Ride in compliance with the road traffic regulations: ride in half-visibility, especially on bends, ride on the right-hand side of paths and do not ride under the influence of alcohol; check your bike before you start. And: helmets are compulsory!
  • Always ride ready to brake.
  • Always be considerate of other riders, especially inexperienced riders.
  • Respect other mountain sports enthusiasts, pass hikers, walkers, or climbers at walking pace - pedestrians have priority! And a friendly "Ciao!" is always a good start.
  • Be considerate of wildlife and vegetation! Avoid unnecessary noise, off-trail riding and riding at dusk - this is the active time of many forest animals.
  • Close pasture fences after passing through.
  • Behave and ride responsibly.
  • Protecting plants and animals is paramount. Avoid unnecessary full braking with locked wheels - these damage the paths and trails and can become danger spots for following MT-bikers. The motto is to ride in harmony with nature!
  • Do not ride through wild meadows.
  • Keep the mountains clean! Please take your rubbish home with you. Thank you!​​​​​​

Show your solidarity - let's protect the untouched nature in the heart of the Fanes-Sennes-Prags Nature Park and the unique UNESCO World Heritage Site Dolomites. For a green future.

So that our children and grandchildren can still enjoy their mountain bike holidays in the green Puster Valley. We look forward to you in the Dolomites!


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