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Dolomiti, il mio grande amore!

The Dolomites - pure fascination and unlimited MTB passion! They cast a magical spell on us and make us set our goals higher and higher: While facing the pale mountains, the craggy peaks and steep cliffs, you can intensely feel why you love mountain biking so much. The contrast of bizarre rock formations and gently undulating alpine pastures offers the ideal playground for passionate bikers, and all those who strive to become one. It is not without reason that this (for us the most beautiful) mountain group of the Southern Limestone Alps has the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are endless possibilities in the Bike Approved Area Olang: Among the numerous tours and trails, there is something for all skill levels and biker-types, e-mountain bikers and mountain bikers for fun will also find optimal conditions here.

Names like Fanes, Sella, Geisler and Kronplatz promise great MTB adventures and dreamy panoramas! And we promise you: you too will plunge yourself into adventure and fall madly in love with the Dolomites!

Super central in the Puster Valley

Olang offers you the perfect base to live all your adventures in peace and quiet in the middle of untouched nature. Everything is there at short distance. There are plenty of opportunities to let off steam in the Puster Valley and ideal biking conditions from May to October! After all, Olang is not only located directly at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Dolomites, but also in the heart of the Fanes-Sennes-Prags Nature Park. On the opposite side of the valley to the north, Olang borders on the Antholz Valley, where the Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park awaits you! Around and on the sun-drenched crest of Olang's local mountain Kronplatz, there are countless trail variations through the sunny forest slopes. Sounds kitschy? It is!

But that's not all! Because with the 105 km long Cycle Path of the Puster Valley, an exciting cycle connection leads directly through the three valley villages Mitterolang, Oberolang and Niederolang: that’s the ideal way to comfortably reach further mountain bike destinations in all directions via the cycle path of the valley. For example, directly into the Prags Valley, the Antholz Valley or to Bruneck - for a cultural and culinary detour!

The stunning tours through the three villages of the green valley and the vivacious descents from Geiselsberg, the fourth fraction of Olang directly on the Kronplatz, are rewarded with homemade South Tyrolean specialities: because biking and cuisine are closely interwoven in our beautiful green valley.

Bike on the sunny side!
Trails in the Dolomites

Fantastic trails and tours, unique photo spots with breathtaking WOW panoramas! There are no limits to the downhill fun in the Dolomites. Kronplatz, the local mountain of Olang, is the heart of the region and a top-class MTB area. According to a legend, this is the place where the invulnerable princess of the Fanes kingdom was crowned. If you want to crown yourself king - or queen - of the Kronplatz, the annual KronplatzKing MTB Marathon is the place to be!

By muscle power, or also quite practically by ascent aid, you start from Olang and ride directly up to the Kronplatz. The cable car Olang I+II transports bikers and bikes from the valley station in Olang directly up to 2,275 m above sea level. Enjoy the 360° panorama and choose one of the 360° trails, let off steam on the 4 freeride routes, release adrenalin and squander dopamine - you are spoilt for choice: Gassl, the legendary trail Herrnsteig, Furcia or rather Piz de Plaies?

The Gassl trail is the first choice for pleasure bikers and beginners: it is the longest and most flowing trail on the Kronplatz - including an impressive panorama and fantastic photo spots. And along the sunny flank of Olang, small, catered alpine huts invite you to take an enjoyable break on the sun terrace. In short: a playful, winding and flowing trail pleasure with wonderful and tasty goodies. Just bike on the sunny side of life.

Enduro and park
Learning from the locals

Are you looking for new adventures? A new mountain bike challenge? Do you want to go high up and ride new trails from Olang? Maybe dare to try a more difficult trail and expand your spectrum? Then we recommend the affordable luxury of a professional guide! Book your personal, professional guide and take your MTB skills to the next level. For beginners and intermediates it's also worth taking a riding technique training course at one of Olang's two bike & ski schools. Learn from the locals and let them show you the top spots in the region.​​​​​​