Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding in Olang | Valdaora


Flying in a fiery gallop over endless, deep-green meadows or undisturbed snowy scenery, leisurely roaming through forests smelling of moss and then a little bit further up to the spacious Alpine pastures of Valdaora-Olang – always carrying along the velvety smell of leather and warmth. The tidy tiny town of Valdaora-Olang is an El Dorado for horse-lovers. Because right on the edge of the village is one of South Tyrol-Südtirol’s largest riding stable, the Tolderhof stud farm with around thirty of the best-trained crossbreeds and Haflinger horses. 

From the beginning rider’s first attempts with the harness to practice riding in a rectangle or on a course to full rides or coach driving courses, everything can be tried out and perfected here to the heart’s desire.  Valdaora is also the location of the Tharerhof, where even the smallest, starting from around age two, can begin to gather their first experiences high up on the horse.  In addition to the classic English riding method on the course or through meadows and woods, the western saddle may also be put to use here.  

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