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Challenging but absolutely worthwhile. That's how you could describe the difficult tours around Olang. Each one is absolutely unique. There are some tough challenges here that will demand everything of you - but they are worth every single metre of altitude! Are you ready for the Dolomites UNSECO World Heritage Challenge?

Giro 2-Passes-Tour
Distance 72,1 km
Duration 4 h 26 min
Height difference 1.051 m
Distance 147,9 km
Duration 9 h 19 min
Height difference 1.407 m
Staller Sattel – Defreggen Valley – Lienz
Distance 150,7 km
Duration 7 h 43 min
Height difference 1.373 m
Toblach – Misurina – Sexten
Distance 123,7 km
Duration 6 h 36 min
Height difference 924 m
One day, two passes on a road bike
Giro 2-Passes-Tour

In the footsteps of the Giro d'Italia: climb the Kronplatz directly from Olang: Just like in the old days of 2019, the route takes you over the Furkel Pass and back to Olang and further over the Stallersattel to the border to Austria. This pass swing is a real treat for altitude freaks. Conclusion: 1,800 hm, 2 passes, 1 spectacular adventure on a road bike.


Route description:
Olang – Furkel Pass – Olang – Stallersattel – Olang


Facts of the tour

  • Difficulty level difficult
  • Duration 04:30 h
  • Distance 72.1 km
  • Uphill 1,910 m of altitude
  • Downhill 1,910 m of altitude
Half-day road bike tour around the Sella massif

This classic tour around the Sella massif - the true heart of the Dolomites - should not be missed by road bike lovers and Dolomite fans. The loop leads over all four passes that connect the four Ladin valleys: Campolongo Pass, Pordoi Pass, Sella Pass and Gardena Pass. If you start from Olang, the tour is an absolute heavyweight, here the Furkelpass is added to the 4 passes. The distance of almost 150 kilometres and 3,800 metres in altitude also make the tour extremely challenging.


The easier option here is the start from Corvara: enjoy 50 kilometres and 1,700 metres of altitude feeling great.


Route description:
Corvara - Campolongo Pass - Arabba - Pordoi Pass - Sella Pass - Grödner Pass - Colfosco – Corvara


Facts of the tour:

  • Difficulty level difficult
  • Duration 10:00 h
  • Distance 148 km
  • Uphill 3,760 metres of altitude
  • Downhill 3,770 metres of altitude
Cycling to the neighbours
Stallersattel – Defereggen – Lienz

With the road bike over the Staller Sattel to East Tyrol: the cross-border tour starts eastwards into the Antholzertal. The low-traffic, rustic valley opens up a completely different landscape on the edge of the Rieserferner Ahren Nature Park, past the peaks of the 3,000-metre peaks. Over the Stallersattel, the route crosses the border from Austria into the rustic Tyrolean Defereggen valley and continues east along the road to Lienz. It is precisely the scenic contrasts - from the very traditional Italian Antholz Valley to the extremely rustic Tyrolean Defereggen Valley, which is not yet very touristic but instead very quiet and unspoilt - that make this loop absolutely unique.

Conclusion: An absolute highlight tour with a potpourri of languages, cultures, landscapes and cuisines - very appealing!


Route description:
Olang – Antholz Valley – Staller Sattel – Defereggen Valley – Lienz – Olang


Facts of the tour:

  • Difficulty level difficult
  • Duration 08:00
  • Distance 151 km
  • Uphill 2,060 metres of altitude
  • Downhill 2,060 metres of altitude
The challenging variant
Toblach – Misurina – Sexten

This variant of the Misurina Lake - 3 Peaks Tour leads via Toblach to the beautiful high-mountain lake Misurina, but then branches off towards Auronzo di Cadore to the Kreuzberg Pass, instead of Cortina d'Ampezzo. From here, the strenuous route takes you to Sesto and San Candido - and deep into the Sesto Dolomites and the Three Peaks Nature Park. You return via Toblach to Olang.

Conclusion: A really difficult, but very rewarding tour for road bikers with good physical condition!


Route description:
Olang – Toblach – Misurina – Auronzo di Cadore – Kreuzbergpass – Sexten – Innichen- Toblach – Olang


Facts of the tour:

  • Difficulty level difficult
  • Duration 07:00 h
  • Distance 124 km
  • Uphill 2,280 metres of altitude
  • Downhill 2,280 metres of altitude