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Whether you're a complete beginner or a full professional who wants to warm up at a leisurely pace: here everyone will find what they need to get "up to speed". From the Puster Valley cycle path to the Sella Pass - discover an infinite number of variants in all directions and for all levels of fitness. To get started, we recommend an easy tour around the local mountain, including a first rendezvous with the practical valley cycle path, or a historical tour in the footsteps of the cycling-stars.

Giro Adventure Tour
Distance 44,6 km
Duration 2 h 27 min
Height difference 634 m
Kronplatz Tour
Distance 42,9 km
Duration 2 h 52 min
Height difference 949 m
Kronplatz Tour

This beautiful tour for beginners goes directly from Olang via Furkelpass to Bruneck. The Kronplatz is circumnavigated, and the route goes down to San Vigilio and through several small villages to Bruneck, the sporty alpine capital of the Puster Valley. The relaxing return journey goes along the Puster Valley cycle path to Olang.


Route description:

Olang – Furkel Pass – Kronplatz – St. Vigil – Bruneck – Olang


Facts of the tour

  • Level of difficulty: easy
  • Duration 03:00 hrs.
  • Distance 42.90 km
  • Uphill 1,170 metres of altitude  
  • Downhill 1,170 metres of altitude
Giro Adventure Tour

The reminiscence of the Giro d'Italia. Walk in the footsteps of the racing bike stars and Giro legends and cover 769 m of altitude. The (sports) history-laden adventure tour does not yet take you to the Stallersattel, but "only" to the Antholz Lake. That should be enough to warm you up. The ride along the valley cycle path through Olang and the Anthiolz Valley offers a great first overview - but the last climb to the biathlon centre gives you a real Giro feeling. Don't forget your pink jersey!


Route description:

Olang – Puster Valley Cycle Path– Antholz Valley – Olang


Facts of the tour:

  • Level of difficulty: easy - medium
  • Duration 01:43 hrs.
  • Distance 25,4 km
  • Uphill 769 metres of altitude  
  • Downhill 183 metres of altitude